Well, here you are. At my blog. Now I have to fulfil my side of the bargain and actually tell you something about myself. God damn it. This is the part of the job I hate the most.

I’m a full-time drone, part-time student and occasional journalist. My plan here is just to write about as many different subjects as I can possibly form a misinformed opinion on. If you’ve been in a pub with me for any length of time in your life, you would know that this comprises practically any subject at all. From…aardvarkism…to…ah…zygotes.

They say write what you know. I have chosen to disregard this advice. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my witterings and don’t leave this blog filled with a fulsome desire to end my life in as gruesome a fashion as possible.

May your winters always be short, and your summers long.



One Response to About

  1. mel u says:

    Hi Joe-I am posting on all the stories in 30 Under 30-my blog The Reading Life, has over 100,000 hits a month from readers and buyers of quality literature. I loved your story.


    I also review books for Oxford, Penguin, Viking, Doire Press and others.

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